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Reap the benefits of your team taking radical ownership for business outcomes, and unlock the 5 Systems that must be aligned to build a Culture of Excellence.


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Hosted by Tony Moore, The Culture Architect, The Blueprint represents the culmination of 25 years leading the people and culture side of multiple mergers and large-scale organizational turnarounds. Rooted in his belief that culture is the soil in which everything in your team lives or dies, The Blueprint was launched with one solitary purpose: equipping leaders to improve team performance by transforming them into Culture Architects. 

Got Problems?

Performance is lacking and no matter what steps you take to improve it, nothing changes.


Silos abound. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand does. People say things like, “I have no idea what those folks over there are doing over there, but I am getting my work done with or without them.”


Everyone is doing their own thing with little, or no understanding of how their work impacts the bigger picture.  People say things like“Mine is not to question why, just listen to the boss and comply.”

Plans are frequently made, but few are executed. Perhaps the people on your team say things like, “Here we go again with yet another plan, I am so tired of starting and stopping things.”


Resentment is in the air. Hurt feelings and unresolved conflict is making it difficult to work together as a team.


Newly implemented practice and culture changes rarely stick. Your team says things like “It’s the flavor of the month. Give it a few weeks, and things will go back to the way they were.”

Interactions are plagued by political agendas and power struggles. People say, “I just keep my head down, get my work done, and hold my breath until 5:00 so I can get out of here.”


People do just enough to get by. There are rarely any innovative ideas or suggestions for improvement.


When something does not go as planned, finger pointing, and turf protecting is the order of the day.  You hear things like, “I am not taking the fall for the accounting department. This is their screw-up, not ours.”


If any of these are plaguing your team, The Blueprint is the solution.

With The Blueprint you will have access to coaches, actionable content, and a community of supportive leaders with whom common experiences can be discussed, thinking can be challenged, and obstacles can be identified and addressed.

Using our proprietary Culture in 4D methodology, YOU will:

  • Learn the five systems that must be in alignment to build a Culture of Performance Excellence
  •  Learn how to diagnose system misalignment
  •  Learn to identify and implement the correct intervention
  •  Develop the expertise to be a Culture Architect
  •  Develop the competence to lead any change initiative
  •  Develop the skills to breakdown silos and replace power struggles with open communication, transparency, & trust

The Blueprint Includes



Membership Library

Self-paced, micro-learning modules provide full Immersion into our 4D methodology via on-demand, micro-learning modules.


Actionable Content

Practical tools to help you design, build, & harness the power of a culture of performance excellence.


Leadership Roundtables

Access to early registration for our frequently sold-out topic-based leadership roundtables.



Supportive Network

Share experiences, receive mutual support, and collaborate with our community of leaders


Stump the Chump LIVE!

Get solutions to your specific leadership challenges


Discussion Forum

Connect with like-minded leaders via our Blueprint Discussion Forum

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What They're Saying

"Tony Moore’s Master Class challenged my thinking, sparked creativity and provided reliable, practical approaches that I could immediately put into action.  In today’s fast paced world, the focus is on outcomes.  The key ingredient is an engaged workforce.  Tony’s advice and tips for changing the dialogue by asking key questions really spoke to me.  The class provided a framework for building trust through open communication and transparency.  And of course, it was delivered with a classic energy and humor that was very enjoyable."

Bobbi Kochevar, MBA, MLS
Chief Officer of Child and Family Services

"I have worked with several facilitators, keynote speakers, and instructors throughout my professional career and I can say with absolute confidence, Tony Moore is the best. From his affable personality, to his ability to relate with everyone, Tony truly becomes part of your family when he works with your team."

Jared Ross, President
League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates

We have had several trainings since the pandemic and this was by far the most engaging.  I cannot thank you enough for that!  I have already heard back from 3 of the participants, who had nothing but positive feedback. Tony, to say you and your team hit it out of the park, is an understatement."

Louis E. GrowMiller, MSW, LSW  
Senior Director, Turning Points

"I held my first “virtual” annual review process with my team shortly after I attended your Masterclass so at the conclusion of each review I asked my team the three questions in terms of ongoing support that I learned from your class (Start, Stop, Continue).

The feedback I received so far from my team has been enlightening. It was really an eye opener for me in terms of where they need me to support them further and we had a good follow up conversation afterwards which allowed me to gain additional insights and context as to how my employee previously functioned in a leadership role."

Kirk Wohlfield

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